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If you’re a small business owner, tell me if this sounds familiar:  Every time you think you’ve reached that magical tipping point, you consider creating jobs and expanding staff.  Then doubt creeps in, and you’re not sure if there will be enough revenue next quarter to cover payroll.  So, you decide not to hire.  You roll up your sleeves, pitch in, and lead by example.  Eventually, you get tired.  Your pipeline dries up, because you have been too busy to do any of that “sales and marketing stuff.”  You’re working more hours, earning less money, and the business you built to provide for your family is now demanding more of your time and money to stay afloat.

How do we know?  We’re small business owners.  That’s our story too…


We’ve also written a free eBook about work/life balance for business owners called Taming the Work Monster.  It shares secrets on how to survive the crisis moments when you think you’d rather give up and go back to your old W-2 job.  It tells you how to capitalize on opportunities by making your business agile – expanding and contracting as market forces dictate without feeling pain.  Download your free copy of Taming the Work Monster today.



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Here’s what we’ve discovered.  If you’re at that crucial tipping point, you don’t need a fulltime employee yet.  You want a virtual assistant to help you with business and a personal assistant to help you with life until you do reach the point where you know you can create more jobs for people.

Small business owner, you’re going to rescue America’s economy.  We’re here to help you do it.


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