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30 DIY Marketing Tips

Monday, July 15th, 2013 | Business, DIY tips, Virtual Assistant | No Comments

To celebrate Entrepreneur’s Do It Yourself Marketing Month in June, 2013 – we published one DIY marketing tip or recommendation every day for 30 days. If you’re a small business owner, virtual assistant or entrepreneur, try these techniques any day of the year to promote your company. It doesn’t have to wait ‘til the next DIY Marketing Month!  Calendar item - Entrepreneur DIY Marketing Month

  • 1. Get a clear picture of your ideal customer. All marketing efforts fail if you misunderstand your target audience! (See #16)
  • 2. People trust user reviews. Ask your customers to submit success stories about your product or service, and use them liberally in social media or on your web site.
  • 3. Register your business on Google+ to boost your search returns on Google.
  • 4. Check your business card. Do you offer a compelling reason for someone to keep it and to contact you? Put an offer and Call To Action (CTA) on the back.
  • 5. Partner with another business owner to cross-promote your companies to each others’ database of customers. This can double your reach immediately.
  • 6. Comment on blogs that appeal to your customers’ interests. Be sure to include a link to your blog or web site.
  • 7. Get marked. Put your logo on your vehicle, apparel or at least a name badge.
  • 8. Appreciate your customers with a note, gift card or freebies.
  • 9. Establish your expertise by publishing a book and selling it on Amazon.
  • 10. Network with colleagues through professional organizations to find potential referral partners or independent contractors.
  • 11. Pimp your e-mail signature. Include links to your social media profiles, web site, blog or shopping cart.
  • 12. Start blogging, if you aren’t already.
  • 13. Join on-line communities for support and inspiration.
  • 14. Call all of your current customers and ask, “How else may we help you?”
  • 15. Compile a list of the 100 people or businesses you want to have as a customer. Include all of the contact information you have for each.
  • 16. Buy and read Customers are the Answer to Everything
  • 17. Become an affiliate partner for other products and services, and add their links to your blog or newsletters.
  • 18. Get featured in news content by responding to HARO – Help A Reporter Out
  • 19. Make calls to the people on your Power 100 list today.
  • 20. Keep in touch with your customers through e-mail…be helpful, not spammy!
  • 21. Take advantage of Take Your Dog to Work Day. What customer can resist a loveable pooch? More smiles and more talking will lead to more “yeses” when you ask for the sale.
  • 22. Partner with a complementary business who already serves your ideal customer.
  • 23. Volunteer for community causes and events.
  • 24. Write a press release and send it to your local newsrooms.
  • 25. Broadcast yourself on Youtube.
  • 26. Join a networking group like Referral Exchange Organization (REO) or BNI
  • 27. Trade free samples or free services for contact information, and follow up with the prospect for future sales opportunities.
  • 28. Review your web site copy for SEO. Add missing search terms to your content to help customers find you on Google.
  • 29. Put a “call to action” (CTA) box on your home page with a sign up form that add contacts to your CRM (customer relationship management) system.
  • 30. Set up a series of replies (autoresponders) through your CRM system to warm up prospects auto-magically.

Our ROI for June 2013 resulted in about 50 more Twitter followers, a 30% increase in unique visitors to our web, three new customers, and one huge upsell.
Total time invested: 4 hours on HootSuite. Total dollars invested: $16.95
If you like any of these ideas and aren’t sure how to execute them, contact us! We’ll be happy to help in any way.

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