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What is a concierge?
The word concierge is French. Loosely translated, it means “keeper of the keys.” In the Middle Ages, concierges were the administrators of estates, acting on behalf of the owner. Their chief responsibility was to make sure the manor operated efficiently in the master’s absence.

Today, a concierge may provide personal assistance to individuals – and virtual assistance to businesses – by sourcing a myriad of services, or by performing them personally.

How do I request service?
Email 24/7 or call 865.216.5050 between 9am and 5pm (Eastern) Monday thru Friday. If your circumstances permit, please submit service requests 24 hours in advance.

Will my requests be met promptly?
Please pardon us if you get voice mail during office hours. Leave a message and we will contact you that same day. Phone messages left after hours will be returned the next business morning. Whether submitted by e-mail or telephone, BST will confirm all requests before proceeding with service.

What services can I request?
Personal requests include coordination of household tasks, grocery/personal shopping, consumer research and referrals, and basic errands of all kinds.  Virtual requests can be anything you’d ask an administrative or marketing assistant to do.  If you need it done, but don’t have the time, call BST Concierge at 865.216.5050.

What if I need something not listed?
As long as it’s legal and doesn’t endanger our employees’ lives or your property, we’ll accommodate any request. The only exceptions involve services in which BST is not insured or licensed to operate… chauffeur for hire and hands-on caregiving.

Why should I pay someone to do things I could do myself?
If given enough time in a day, everyone could finish their to-do lists. Unfortunately, most people can’t run 25 hours non-stop. BST helps you leverage your time, letting you focus on your priorities while we take care of the little things that can cause stress. Don’t just buy the service…buy some time for yourself to simplify and enjoy life.

What is your service area?
For personal assistant jobs like deliveries, errands, and housekeeping, we cover Knoxville, Farragut, Oak Ridge and Maryville/Alcoa in Tennessee.  For virtual assistant projects, we can serve anywhere in the English-speaking world.

Is there a minimum service charge?
There is a one hour minimum charge for each 24-hour period.  Bundled hours are considered fulfilled in 15-minute increments.  A la carte services and hours over any monthly plan’s limit are billed at the published rack rate, rounded up to the next quarter hour increment.


How do you handle shopping expenses?
Payment for third party services and retail purchases are the responsibility of the client. In most cases, your concierge will make the purchase on our company account and full reimbursement is expected at the time of delivery. We accept major credit cards for your convenience.

Major purchases require sufficient funds be deposited in a concierge expense account to cover the expense, or pay all third party charges in advance before arranging pick-up.">

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