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BST Concierge

PO BOX 1368

Powell, TN 37849

Services Offered

Third Party Referrals/Vendor Coordination
Some days, you can’t be in two places at one time. Some days, you are forced to choose an ‘urgent’ priority over an ‘important’ priority. Those are the days it pays to be a BST Concierge client. Make one call to BST, and explain your needs once – instead of having to repeat it over and over. We’ll take it from there.

“Why call a concierge when I can book repairman myself?”

Excellent question! We talk to lots of other business owners, and we know who’s good at what they do. We’ve done the pre-screening for you. When you hire a concierge company, you are hiring the relationship that company has developed with many other service providers.

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