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Extra services…lifestyle management

No one really manages time. We all must manage our behavior to get the most out of the time we have. When forced to choose between standing in line at the Post Office or making it to your child’s school play, where would you rather be? Your concierge can do the things you “have” to do, so you are free to enjoy the things you “want” to do.

We have helped our clients in many ways. This is a short list:

  • Packing/unpacking moving boxes
  • Meal deliveries to shut-ins
  • Garage/attic organization
  • Referrals to trusted contractors
  • Modified house sitting (watching the house during service calls)
  • Weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events
  • Grocery delivery and personal shopping
  • Deliver documents, vehicles, and dry-cleaning
  • Proofreading and writing for business communication
  • And more!

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