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Are you spending all the time you want with your spouse, your kids, or just by yourself?  When’s the last time you had ‘me time?’

It’s not enough to put in 50 hours at the office.  You also bring work home at night or use a smartphone to work during your commute.  If your plans for a holiday weekend include catching up on paperwork, you’re out of balance!

How about taking a lunch hour for eating, without also trying to cram in a couple of errands?  There is a world where people eat at a table, and not behind a steering wheel.

What?  We haven’t even mentioned all the things to do around the house at night or on the weekend?

When do you sleep?  Seriously!

What if you could come home to find several items on your to-do list already checked?  What if you could take an hour for yourself and not feel guilty about avoiding the housework that needs to be done?

What if you went to bed without that mental to-do list echoing in your head?

Okay, maybe the assistant won’t do it exactly the way you would if you did it yourself.  But at this rate, when are you going to get around to doing it?

That’s why you hire a PA…to get things done!


There are some important things to consider before hiring a concierge or personal assistant (PA). Click here for more information.">

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