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Hiring a PA

First and foremost, pick someone trustworthy. You want a personal assistant who is competent and easy to get along with, too. Check into their track record. Who has been left “holding the bag?” How have conflicts over service issues been resolved? What skill sets does the company or individual have?

After you’ve done your research and interviewed the candidates, ask yourself “would I trust them with my house key and credit card information?”

“Are you bonded?” is a question consumers have been trained to ask. In fact, we are bonded, and we carry the proper liability insurance. But a bond payout cannot restore broken trust. That’s why we are proactive in our approach to your safety and security. We conduct thorough criminal and consumer background checks before an applicant is hired.

The specific services a concierge or personal assistant provides are as varied as each client’s needs. We’ve listed a few categories to help you see how BST Concierge can help you Juggle Less. Live More. Click here to check out some more of our services.">

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